Baishuu 買収する – to bribe

bribeRecently there has been a lot of talk in the news about Prime Minister Aso giving out free cash to Japanese households in order to kick start the economy.  They are only talking about something like 20,000 or 30,000 yen per household, so it is very hard to see what difference this is going to make to anyone.  At the same time, it is obviously going to cost the government a huge amount of money to do.  You wonder about the logic in peoples minds sometimes.

Anyway, more likely it is a bribe to get him re-elected.  It seems that this is not going to happen until after the next budget, and the next budget will happen after the next election.  So this may happen some time in the next 12 months, or it may just fade away as an empty promise.  MY wife is Japanese so I wonder if we, as taxpayers, will be eligible to recieve.  Im not holding my breath.

Translation Notes

As a noun, a bribe is translated as WAIRU わいる.

When a verb is needed, BAISHU SURU 買収する is used.



  • Mr Aso won by using bribes.


  • Mr Aso bribed the Japanese people.

3 responses to “Baishuu 買収する – to bribe

  1. Pretty sure you will be eligible to receive, as they’ll go on the taxpayer rolls (that is if you do pay taxes). Talk is families with 2 kids or more will get a lot more money. I don’t mind the money coming in but it sure is a stupid way to spend money they don’t have.

  2. Isn’t a bribe わいろ (賄賂)?

  3. Not sure, but I guess わいろ (WAIRO) is a noun and 買収 (BAISHUU) is a verb.

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