Kimyou 奇妙 – Bizarre


Oh my God theres a Geisha trapped down t’mine!  And she has been enslaved!  Someone rescue her!

This is a weird scene I came across while visiting an old mine in Fukiya-furusato: the most deep, dark and scary inaka that Okayama has to offer.

Translation Notes

The first kanji (KI 奇) in kimyou I remember from Heisigs ‘Remembering the Kanji’. I dont remember his story for it, but the story and image I created for it is of a ‘weird guy’ (top part) standing on a ‘platform as a train comes out’ (bottom part).  I always imagine myself standing at Archway tube station on the Northern Line of the London Underground, glancing uneasily across at some drunken dodgy geezer and wondering if he will jump or get into some other kind of bizarre behaviour.

The second kanji (MYOU 妙) is also easy to remember thanks to Heisig.  He says something like ‘beautiful women are few and far between’ because the left radical means ‘woman’ and the right radical means ‘few’.  This kanji is also used in Myoko-san, a mountain on the border of Nagano and Niigata that I have hiked in summer and snowboarded on in winter.

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