Seishoku-noryoku 生殖能力 – Virility

Today I went to Osaka to drop off a few big items I had sold to a fellow gaijin over the internet.

Turns out that the guy is about 60 and has just moved back to Japan.   I was a little taken aback when he said his wife has just given birth to a daughter!  I didnt have the nerve to ask him, but I presume his wife must be half his age.  And at 60, that is some virility!  I wonder if it was one of these ‘viagra babies’…

Anyway, this inspired me to look up the word for Virility.  It turns out there is no good translation.  The only ones on offer by ALC are:

  • Virile (as in ‘macho’ or ‘manly’): otoko-rashii (男らしい) danseiteki (男性的)
  • Virile (as in ‘reproductive power’): seishoku noryoku (生殖能力)

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