Nesage 値下げ – Price Reduction

Today I heard that Japan’s Prime Minister, Mr Aso*, has announced an economy stimulus package that involves giving each household about 38,000yen and offering a price reduction on highway tolls so it costs a maximum of only 1000yen to travel any distance on weekends/bank holidays.

This is great news for me and my family because we often drive 7 hours on the expressway to see the inlaws – this is going to save us about 14,000 yen a time.  I wonder if it is going to be only for ETC users.

This word ‘nesage’ is often banded around on the news in relation to the price of gasoline.

* Mr Aso is a mean looking dude whose name reminds me of:

  • Mr ‘A-hole’
  • Mr ‘Ah so…’
  • ‘Aso-san’ (a famous semi-dormant volcano in Kyushu. Quite apt for someone who spends most of the time blowing hot air.)

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